Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is an exciting game where players can explore color matching and perfect aiming skills. It is much more than what it looks like from a first glance. This type of game can be relaxing and addicting as players will want to beat their high scores.

The Game Play

The bare bones of this of this game is that players are given a play board with 9 colored bubble lines, with the colors being randomly mixed together. From the bottom of the play board, there is an arrow (which is moved using the mouse, using the left click to release bubbles) that is aimed in the direction the play wishes to shoot. The object is to connect three or more colored bubbles together, causing them to burst and shrinking down the play board.

Ultimately, the player wants to destroy all the bubbles, clearing the board. However, the challenge comes into play when there are more lines of bubbles added as the game is played. This requires a faster game play and more accurate shots. If a player connects a colored bubble with a sequence of colors that span the whole board, all those bubbles burst, shrinking the board.

Aim and Aim Again! 

While matching the colors seems easy enough to some players, there is more to this game. Aim is more crucial than the colors. The arrow moves pretty freely, but it is up to the player to determine the perfect spot to release the bubble they are shooting. Often times, just aiming and clicking will not do the trick. Players must engage in perfecting a “bank shot” which will optimize their accuracy and get into hard to reach areas.

Bank shots are when the arrow is pointed at either the left wall of the board or the right wall of the board. Once the desired spot on the wall is chosen, the ball is released, bouncing off of the wall and projectile shooting into a tight and hard to reach area. These types of shots are a little more advanced, but truly enhance the game play ten fold. Perfecting these shots can help destroy multi-colored bubbles that span the whole board. They alternatively can help a player when the board is getting too large and they are in danger of losing.

When the lines build up and get closer to the bottom, players will need to rethink their shots entirely. Shooting a straight shot may not be an option, especially if the bubbles are not the same colors. Using the bank shot to get out of this situation is key. It lets the bubbles go into the corners of the board and get the line shrunk faster.

 Fun for All Ages

   Bubble Shooter can played by anyone of any age. It is truly a diverse and exciting game for everyone. The sheer satisfaction of bursting many colored bubbles is addicting. But overall, perfecting the shot will make the best players rise above!

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