Dog Fight 2

Developed by Rock Solid Arcade and set during the time of World War One, Dog Fight 2: The Great War puts you in the cockpit of a German war plane. The game excels above other flash games in that there are two difficulty levels, normal and hard, to cater to beginner and advanced players alike. In addition, the options menu lets players pick the graphical intensity of the game, in case the high setting runs slowly. The controls are simple and extremely easy to pick up on for a beginner. The directional arrows move your airplane, pressing the space button fires your machine gun, and tapping the control key drops bombs directly under you. Your goals are simple, listen to the mission briefing before each mission starts, and complete the objective that is asked. Adding on to that, every mission gives you a tip to help you complete your objective. The tips consist of skills, referred to in the game as Ace Tactics, that you can do to earn point multipliers, and to help evade enemy gunfire. Most of the missions in Dog Fight 2 involve you shooting down enemy allied fighter planes and bombers, or destroying enemy ground forces with the help of your bombs. As you progress through the game, there will, gradually, be a larger variety of objectives that include, but are not limited to, saving wing-men and destroying enemy outposts. As the missions test your abilities, even advanced video game players will have trouble completing some of the objectives asked. Once the player runs out of lives, the player is then taken to the game over screen to enter a name for the high scores list. There are three categories of high scores: Today, This Month, and All Time. Players of all kinds will have a blast in this game completing the missions and getting high scores.

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