Fancy Pants Adventures

The root story of the game is safe to say to be very typical. Fancy Pants Man went to a world of adventures where he was forced to use his acrobatic skills to their ultimate level. The reason? Well, he needs to save his sister, taken by of course, one of the villain bosses of the game. The Fancy Pants Man sporting his trademark and awesome orange pants, has come a long way from the game’s World 1 and now to World 3. The Fancy Pants Adventure 3 is guaranteed to have more action packed scenes for its players. The hero in the game also has some new interesting tricks and skills like new styles on confronting wall runs and new weapons.

The game’s hero is drawn out of stick who is able to do various of acrobats as he collects the shell-like drawings along the way. The visual effects on the game are also simply made to entertain its players. Seeing Fancy Pants Man bouncing around the walls and ducking and kicking and beating his enemies can make you feel like a real bad ass. The adventure world is made even more interesting. The hero has to pass through some doors where another adventure awaits him and most probably where a stronger opponent stands ahead of his way. There are various enemies in the game. There are pirates and a lot of different weird creatures that will try to put our Fancy Pants Man down. The boss battles can be very challenging, but what is good in the game without the challenge?

Playing Fancy Pants Adventure 3 is easy, it is very user friendly that kids can easily learn the mechanics and controls of the game. In order to move from left to right, just press ’left and right arrow’ keys. To duck, use ’down’ and to open doors, use ’up’. In order to jump to some obstacles or to simply jump around, press on ’S’. If you want Fancy Pants Man to beat down his enemies using his sword, press on ’A’. In the beginning of the game, you might wonder about where the mighty sword is, but you will get it along the way while beating the obstacles in the game. Once you have it, your Fancy Pants Man will surely become a better fighter with the weapon. The hero can also kill his enemies in several ways, not just by using his weapons alone but also by jumping on their heads. A really joyous way to kill your enemies for sure.

The Fancy Pants Adventure 3 was definitely made even better and more entertaining for its players. The more you open doors with new quests, the more you get engaged on the adventure of the Fancy Pants Man. The weapons you get to collect for use on battles make the fights far more awesome. They make your life easier to beat the enemies but at the same time challenge you to make Fancy Pants Man do better in his fights. Everything is fun and awesome and fancy. Go and try to experience the game now.

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