Feed Us 5

Looking for a great flash game you can use to pass time? Look no further! The killer piranha is back in the fifth installment of Feed Us, developed by WebCypher, and he is meaner and deadlier than ever before.You start out as a lone fish held captive in an aquarium. After escaping you are tasked climb the food chain and terrorize, kill, and annihilate everything and anything that moves. Well, other than predators such as sharks and bears which can still deal with you easily, but other than that mostly everything else is fair game.

The gameplay is based on collecting collecting liters upon liters of blood to upgrade your piranha to make him more dangerous and deadly. Between upgrading your jaws, spine, tail, fins, scales or seeds, each of these enhancements will boost your piranha’s killing potential.You are also tasked with certain objectives during the game such as sinking boats, collecting a set amount of liters of blood or reaching specific parts of the map. Most of the tasks are relatively easy, although you might hit a brick wall on some which might seem quite difficult to complete. This, along with the upgrade system keeps the game from becoming repetitive. The game is also open world, meaning that you’re never stuck in a certain stage. You can move forward and back between places at will, allowing you to go back and devour any people you’ve missed or continue exploring without the worry that you won’t be able to go back. Another thing which will help you progress is the ability to summon huge sea creatures which will effortlessly decimate any human found anywhere in its proximity.

The graphics can be described as comical and amusing to say the least. Seeing your fish leap onto its victim’s head and mercilessly devour it or bash a boat full of helpless people just gives a rather satisfying feeling. While the visual style does not seem serious, it fits the theme of the game perfectly and you’ll learn to love it even after a few minutes of playing. The sounds and the music of the game are very great as well. The sound of the piranha feasting upon defenseless people while relaxing music is playing in the background is ingenious. This, in combination with the graphic style makes for an impeccable gaming experience.Feed Us 5 is, overall, an incredibly enjoyable game. Whether you’re looking to blow off some steam after a taxing day, or just looking to relax while relentlessly slaughtering hundreds of people, the game will not fail to keep you occupied for hours on end.

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