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Guns, a lot of jumping and shooting, and of course a lot of mayhem. Gun Mayhem Redux is one of the games in the Gun Mayhem series, which I’ve said a while back, is a versus shooting platform browser game. This is the second game after Gun Mayhem, quite different from the first one. The characters and maps are a bit minimized for a better perspective while playing. Aside from that, it offers a wide variety of weapons to choose from for you to cause mayhem as much as you want. Since it’s a browser game and a versus mode can be played, both players will be using the same keyboard. The first player moves using the arrow keys and shoots using z and X keys, while the second player uses WASD to move and use T and Y to shoot. You can play it with a maximum of four players and just set the keys of the third and fourth player.

For those who haven’t played it yet, the interface looks more like stickman cartoon type world where you jump around and shoot each other. It’s not a normal shooting game since it has a platform gameplay in it. You jump around the map while you shoot enemies, it sounds easy but as I was playing this game, it’s quite hard to shoot something that is moving and jumping around. With it’s cartoon-like look, you might think you won’t be able to enjoy playing it since a lot of fancier games are out there, well for me though it looks like a simple game that’s just played by kids, it takes a certain amount of skill to play it well. Which made me play it for a while, I had the chance to check out some of the maps too. Every map is different from each other which makes it more fun. And we tried playing it but just tried it with two players playing the game. With this mode, we did have lots of laughs on the first 5 minutes but then we had fun for the rest of the time we played it.

With all that said, it’s a pretty good game. It’s not just for kids, even people my age might enjoy playing this game. If you haven’t tried playing Gun Mayhem, Gun Mayhem 3, Gun Mayhem 4 and Gun Mayhem 5, check them out so you yourself can compare it to Gun Mayhem Redox. Have a lot of fun playing!

About Gun Mayhem 3

Gaming is an excellent way to boost a person’s creativity. The gun mayhem 3 is an improved version of other gun mayhem game such as gun mayhem 1 and 2. It is an enjoyable game to play due to its high definition graphics and designs.

Game Description
Gun mayhem three is designed in such a way that it has:
• Eighteen characters
• Twenty-nine weapons
• Fifteen levels
• Three modes of play

Modes of Play
1. Survival Mode: In this mode of play one is supposed to shoot and kill as many enemies as possible so as to graduate to the next level

2. Campaign Mode: In the campaign mode, a player is supposed to shoot and kill as many boss enemies in each fight. This enables a player to unlock more characters with which one can play as. One is also able to unlock more weapons with which one can play with and also unlock more levels.

3. Death match Mode: In this particular mode one has the freedom to customize the game to one’s preference. One can adjust the game settings and rules so as to play the game with their rules. One can also create teams to play with.

How to Play
Gun Mayhem 3 can be played by a single player of by two players. The major quest is to shoot or bomb the opponents so as to graduate to the next successive level. A player only has five lives and as such one must be very vigilant to kill the enemies before one is killed.

To move, one uses the left and the right arrows. To jump, a player should use the “UP” arrow. The “down” key is used to block attacks. To attack first and shoot one should press “Z”. To throw a bomb or dynamite, a player should press “X”.

The gun mayhem 3 is very engaging two player game. The third version of gun mayhem 3 has improved graphics and lots of action. Overall, the game is an effective tool of relaxation and entertainment.

A gaming fun?Try playing Gun Mayhem 4 if you haven’t yet and thank me later.The game can be played online for free from the game’s website.I love the fact this enables you to continue playing from the point you last stopped playing.

I must admit that playing Gun Mayhem 4 is not as easy as it may seem though the first levels are quite simple to play.As you rise through the levels,it becomes more difficult to play,especially level eight.You can play in the single-player mode with AI or play in multi-player mode that supports a maximum of 4 players.This makes it very interesting because you can actually play with your friends.

It is easy to choose the weapon to use to shoot at the other players. All you have to do is click on the screen and get the options of firearms to choose.I love that I can choose any firearm from the over 60 firearms options available.Try to dodge at the opponents’ shots as much as possible as this will kill you.

It won’t take long before being taken to the next level.Kill all the players to go to the next level,which is more difficult.You can actually view the tutorial for playing Gun Mayhem 4 if you find difficulty in playing it.Click on letter A and Z to fire gunshots at your opponents.You will shoot at the players if you are in the same row.Controlling your movements is not difficult;just use the arrows to move up and down,left and right.

This game can be played in 4 modes which include: “Last Man Standing”,”Gun Game”,,”Ducks Defence” and the “One Hit One Kill” modes.I personally enjoy playing the game in the “one hit one kill” mode than the rest of the modes because this makes it more complex,harder and more involving.

Gun Mayhem 5 is an interesting shooting game that is top in the gun mayhem series. This game has many new characters that players can choose and assign. Players are allowed to choose new characters only when they get through levels after defeating opponents. The battles in this game are exciting with extra effects and the enemies get more powerful and difficult to attack with each advancement in level.

Different types of shotguns, hand guns and special guns are used and players have the option to select more guns as they progress in levels. The choice on weapons or characters depends on how players attack and destroy opponents. In order to get to the next level, a player must meet the destruction limit at each level and figure out ways to attack the opponents. The new weapons given after attacking opponents gives players confidence and thrill to keep going.

Also, players have a lot of options to edit as well as choose the preferable settings. Since shooter games are popular for the sounds, visual effects and action, players can control the effects and sound in this game to their liking. This is exciting in all ways. The freedom to choose the characters and guns also makes the game much interesting.

Gaming Modes And the Control Keys

Gun mayhem 5 allows players to play in four different modes which include stinky bean survival mode, super survival mode, zombie survival mode and survival mode.

Players can make use of the following keys for control
· Spacebar; pause
· D; drop weapon
· X; attack 2
· Z; attack 1
· Arrow keys; move

It is good to have an excellent platform when playing gun mayhem 5. This gives you a better chance to experience the real action during battles. Enter online and search for the best website and begin to enjoy playing this game in great style.

As a beginner, you can check the game tutorial and the instructions to get an idea about this game. It is also good to read reviews posted by other players.

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