King of Drift

A Little About King of Drift
King of Drift is a free flash game that can be played online. It entails car racing, with a twist: instead of simply racing to finish the race, there are points for showing your expertise in drifting. “Drifting” a car involves controlling it in such a way that it remains stable while taking a particularly tough curve of the road. To find it, a simple Google – search of the words “Play King of Drift” would suffice, and you will find it in the front page of the search results. You may want to disable some browser extensions which block the running of javascript, such as Ghostery, if you wish to enjoy this game.

The Gameplay
The magic about this flash game is that it is very easy to master. After loading the game, you click on “Play”, then select the option you prefer between taking some practices or going straight away to the game. If you choose to go through tutorials, you will immediately be allocated a race car at the starting point of the racing field. After the green light is given, you simply press the arrow keys to control the car.

The forward, left, right and backward keys steer the car to their respective directions, as it is usually conventional in racing games. The corners in King of Drift are usually very tough, and the car usually overcompensates when you cut them. However, you can be assured that you will be pleasantly surprised that by the time the tutorial is over, you will have mastered the gameplay.

Game Modes
After the tutorial, you are allowed to choose the difficulty level that you are comfortable with; so as to customize your experience when playing with it. There are three levels; Easy, Medium and Difficult. The harder the level, the more similar the experience is, to the real world of handling real cars. The great thing about this flash game is that it can be played and enjoyed by anyone who learns its simple tricks.

One of the most appealing things about King of Drift is its superior graphics. Regardless of the machine you play it with, the display is clear to the point that it is both entertaining and great for the eyesight. If you are an ardent fan of flash games, you will notice that the game is at the opposite end of the spectrum from those archaic games that were featured at the start of the decade: which we all loved, by the way. So, as you are browsing around while waiting for the traffic to clear up, why don’t you give this little game a try?

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