Learn to Fly 2

The idea behind this game is very simple and this is what makes it so unique. The logic of the game is for the player to fly their penguin for the longest distance possible and stay at the highest altitude. The higher the altitude, the speed while in the air and the duration that the penguin stays in the air the more the game dollars. Playing the game is very simple in that the left and right keys are for the respective directions and boost is got by pressing on the spacebar.

The previous version of this game had only one mode but this has since changed. In Learn to Fly 2, the player gets to chose from three modes, namely story, classic and arcade. The introduction of more modes makes the game more interesting by adding longevity, something that was lacking in the previous version. The modes are as follows:

Story: This mode takes the idea of the normal game but adds some obstacles to it making the game appear new. While on this mode, the player will need to complete one challenge out of the 35 available, collect medals and buy some items from a bonus shop.

Classic: This mode is completely similar to the very first version of the game. All the player has to do is get their penguin across the longest distance possible.

Arcade: This mode has a list of three different budgets and the aim is to get the highest possible score in each budget.


The thing that makes this a great game is that the player has to keep on unlocking stuff. For instance, one must complete the story mode to proceed to the classic and arcade modes. All through the play, there are medals to be unlocked. Its simplicity makes it addictive and is a game that one can play for hours on end. To play it, all one has to do is get the sites that host Learn to Fly 2 and get started.

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