Life The Game

Life The Game is a web based simulation game that you can play in your browser for free. As its name implies, Life The Game takes the player through a cartoon animated simulation of their life from birth to eventual death. The game begins with your mother preparing to give birth and the user must correctly left click a moving bar at the right time in order for the delivery to be a success. Wait too long or miss the mark? The game is over quickly and a dark humor message about why you failed will overtake your screen. This is probably the most controversial part of Life The Game as its game ending messages can be offensive to some. If you are easily offended, Life The Game is not for you. This game will be divisive with many finding it’s dark humor displayed in an almost child like display to be funny while others we be offended. If you think you can handle its humor and enjoy a challenge.

An interesting component of Life The Game is that it does challenge various aspects of the game players skill set. The birth scene tests the players timing, the study scene test the players math skills and ability to apply them quickly, while the puberty scene tests the players reaction time. Get stuck on a level or scene? simply press “P” and you are able to skip to the next level or scene. While you can’t skip puberty in real life, you can in Life The Game!  Watch your character grow from one successfully completed scene to the next from a baby to puberty to their work life and eventually old age, try to stave off the end of the game (death) as long as you can. The Goal of Life the Game is to live a long successful life. One note of caution: the soundtrack to Life The Game can be a bit loud and there is no mute button, so consider lowering the volume on your web device before clicking play.  I think most users will find the various skill sets required to succeed in this game to be a refreshing change of pace compared to your typical web based game. With Life The Game, you really do have to activate all aspects of your brain to succeed and in that way it mimics the progression of a successful real life. 

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