Lose the heat 3

Lose the heat 3, is an online racing game that is played free of charge. It is a browser based racing game that requires a shockwave program in your browser to function properly. The controls used in this game are very simple, and the aim of race is to lose the police or make them give up the chase hence the name ’Lose the Heat’. The player can outrun the police pursuing him by driving in urban environments and interludes in the rural roads. To make the police give up the chase, you are supposed to trigger a disaster against their cruisers which makes them to total or completely forfeit the chase.

How to Play
In the beginning of the game, you are supposed to talk to a clientele at a bar scene. The clientele will have various tasks for you, all this tasks are meant to attract the police attention. The tasks will get you involved in the race from the start up to the end.

Once you have been assigned the tasks, your car will in a cinematic scene appear just crossing the way of police cruisers. The duo police cruisers will then start pursuing your car and hence the race starts.

During the pursuit, you are supposed to follow the direction indicated by the flag icon on the compass guiding you. The compass is meant to direct you to your final destination. To know whether you are heading on the right direction, the compass direction should always be reading ’North’. If it reads east, west, south or any other direction know that you are on the wrong track.

There are several ways to evade the hot pursuit. Outrace the police; if they are too fast for you to outrace them you can then use pursuit breakers. You can take very quick turns in the most unpredictable direction which strays the police giving you time to outrace them. To trigger disasters, drive through the orange beams which will lead to destruction f the police cars or you can decide to ram into damaged police cars until they become totaled.

The last stage is to race past the end destination which has got an obstacle that the police cars can’t pass and the race is over.

Tips and Tricks
To increase the life of your car, hit the floating money as well as wrenches. This increases your bank account and the total number of hit points. The more the hit points, the more damages your car can sustain.

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