Red Ball

Red Ball is a type of a puzzle game based on a simple idea. It is developed under Red ball Physics Platform Games by Evgeniy Fedoseev. The main concept about the game is to reach the flag without losing your life. Even though the game involves a simple concept, there are some parts that are a bit challenging and really get your mind running. There are 15 levels although there is no limit to time or upgrades available to collect stars or achieve good points. You have to assist the round-shaped red ball to move across all levels by passing through various obstacles in the rough land as you kill the square-shaped objects in every level. You can kill the squares by jumping onto them or else lose blood.

Red ball 4 Graphics
The video graphics of the game are average for a PC, and are nice and clear. Most kids love attractive game scenes and making the graphics more appealing will gain great attention to them.

Game Modes
The game includes three modes:

· Red Ball Volume 1

· Red Ball Volume 2

· Red Ball Volume 3

The final chapter of the game (Volume 3) is more challenging than the others. A solitary hero bounces against the forces of an angled devil. The tone is gloomy as compared to the happy atmosphere of Volume 2. It is a bit more less puzzle-y, picking to rely on quick-paced action and fast reflexes. The grim industrial environs are the ideal backdrop to introduce many new elements like bombs, lasers and giant metal presses. All these will kill you in a heartbeat, so play well!

Game Play
The game is played using the computer keyboard. You can move the red ball in all directions using the WAD keys and arrow keys for moving and jumping. Use key ’P’ for pausing the game and key ’R’ for restarting the game. Bring both the blue and red balls to end of the island. Press SPACE so as to control the second blue ball.

Zuma Online

Zuma is tile matching puzzle game which is developed by PopCap Games and is designed by Jason Kapalka. Zuma is among the popular addictive game. It is among the type of games that can be played for hours and hours. Zuma received the “Game of the Year” from Real Arcade in the year 2004. This game is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 but the good thing about this game is that you can play zuma online without downloading it and you can enjoy playing the game free of cost.

The Zuma has an Aztec theme which makes the graphics of the game look more fantastic. The symbols and designs used in this game prove that it has Aztec theme. The game of Zuma can also be played on cell phones and PDAs as this game is provided by a good number of cell phone service providers. When you are playing the trial version of Zuma that has been downloaded from the internet then you must know that it lasts for only 60 minutes. Another disadvantage of playing free trial of zuma is that you can reach up to a certain level. You should play zuma online if you don’t want to download. As the game progresses, the difficulty level of the game also increases. The board becomes difficult as the board starts becoming shorter and player gets lesser and lesser time to make the moves in the game. While playing the game, you must be careful as there is a big frog sitting in the middle of the game board. The frog is surrounded by some small colored balls. These balls move from opposite corner of the game board and player must arrange the balls in chains of 3 or more (that are spitted by the frogs). The player is supposed to get rid of all the small colored balls before the line reaches the pot present near the center of the board

Zuma online games is a very fun online game, you can play this game while relaxing because this game is very easy, simply by using the mouse. Way to play this game by directing the ball coming towards the ball, you control the ball that should be direct to the balls come with the same color. The same color balls and lined should you shoot first and the ball will disappear. You will win the game if you can destroy all the ball coming and no ball into the hole. You given three opportunities in this zuma game, if the ball comes into the hole up to three times the game ends and you have to start over again.
Zuma online games is flash game which very fast and fun graphics. There are many kinds of game zuma these, including zuma revenge and Deluxee. Zuma revenge tells about a force that has taken our fear frog to the island, where the action arcade game Zuma has begun, and the evil spirits and tiki bosses rule the land being stone balls to attack! To survive on this island by firing stone balls and destroy all balls.
You can enjoy the online mode zuma online games revenge full version with unlimited levels. Enter the all new world of Zuma started evil tiki bosses rule the land, forest tame and destroy the flow of the ball. Then take the tiki bosses until you win! If you try to play Zuma full version there are 4 additional modes include an additional 50 levels in Classic mode, challenge 70 different mini-games, Heroic Frog Mode, Iron Frog mode.
Some tips when you play zuma online games about the “ace time limit”. Each level in the game has the best time, every getting the level up, there would be less time and if you can get the lowest time in each level you will get a badge.

Whacking the thief

The game is all about “whacking the thief” by weapons of your choice. The opening of the game, the player is intuitively playing his video game when a thief breaks in. At this point of the game, the animation stops and gives you time to choose any household item you want the player to use to kill the thief. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the object. The objects become red when you hover over it and hence is easy to identify and choose one of them. That’s when the first round is done and the actual game begins. After choosing the weapon, the player kills the thief using it.
The scenario restarts with the same animation. Now you are free to choose a weapon again. There is a completion counter on the left bottom corner of the screen where you can see the number of weapons you have identified. And the game point is to identify all of them and use them to kill the thief. The trick to identifying all the weapons is to carefully look through all the objects in the scene even the smaller ones. You can also use the mouse to hover over all of the screens to highlight them. Finding everything without the hint doesn’t seem so hard after all!

The specialty of the game is that no two weapons kill the thief in the same way and they are not even remotely the same. That is fair enough! Each weapon has its own unique animation and there are totally ten ways to kill the thief. The game is a flash game in gray, white and red and the sound effects are so good that you can actually hear the player bashing the head of the thief so clearly in your head. The game contains violent animations and hence there is a warning at the beginning of the game.

Soccer Physics Game

A new comedy game from Otto Ojala who developed the Wrestle Jump and another hit, Tug the Table, soccer physics is one of the funniest football games. It involves two teams each with two players and two goals. The game is played online and the game has been rated at 8.2 out of 10 showing its popularity. You will find the comedy of the game in the absurd manner of its controls.

About the game
Soccer Physics is the newest game today that is developed by Otto Ojala. He is also the creator of Tug the Table. It is an online sports game and everyone is raving about this game. Your opponent here can be another player or even the computer. In this game, you have to beat your opponent in a soccer game. This game was rated 8.2/10 out of 19892 ratings.

How to Play
To play this game, you have to utilize 1 one 2 buttons in order to move the keeper and the kicker. You can navigate the ball by kicking, jumping, or finding other ways to place the ball at the opposite goal. You have to watch out for the beach balls. You should try your best stay at your feet in order to not score your own goal.

Tips and Tricks
In order to increase you chances of scoring, you have to familiarize yourself with controlling your player and the movements of the player. You can try to bounce the ball off the head of the opponent in order to send it to the goal. Another helpful trick is to jump on a ball so that it will hurl backward. Also, do not be afraid to kick your opponents in the head repeatedly. Never forget to defend your net so that you may win the game.

In pc, one of the keyhacks of this game is by pressing 1 in order to toggle the red team invincibility and pressing 2 to toggle blue team invincibility.

Soccer physics online game is a chaotic, hilarious and addictive game. While playing, do not be surprised if you see the ball changing in shape and even losing the player’s heads and clothing and the field turning into ice. There are different modes to choose in this game including endless mode. In here, you can have a nonstop battle and sacrifice scorekeeping. The main objective here is to score 5 goals first before your opponent.

Fancy Pants Adventures

The root story of the game is safe to say to be very typical. Fancy Pants Man went to a world of adventures where he was forced to use his acrobatic skills to their ultimate level. The reason? Well, he needs to save his sister, taken by of course, one of the villain bosses of the game. The Fancy Pants Man sporting his trademark and awesome orange pants, has come a long way from the game’s World 1 and now to World 3. The Fancy Pants Adventure 3 is guaranteed to have more action packed scenes for its players. The hero in the game also has some new interesting tricks and skills like new styles on confronting wall runs and new weapons.

The game’s hero is drawn out of stick who is able to do various of acrobats as he collects the shell-like drawings along the way. The visual effects on the game are also simply made to entertain its players. Seeing Fancy Pants Man bouncing around the walls and ducking and kicking and beating his enemies can make you feel like a real bad ass. The adventure world is made even more interesting. The hero has to pass through some doors where another adventure awaits him and most probably where a stronger opponent stands ahead of his way. There are various enemies in the game. There are pirates and a lot of different weird creatures that will try to put our Fancy Pants Man down. The boss battles can be very challenging, but what is good in the game without the challenge?

Playing Fancy Pants Adventure 3 is easy, it is very user friendly that kids can easily learn the mechanics and controls of the game. In order to move from left to right, just press ’left and right arrow’ keys. To duck, use ’down’ and to open doors, use ’up’. In order to jump to some obstacles or to simply jump around, press on ’S’. If you want Fancy Pants Man to beat down his enemies using his sword, press on ’A’. In the beginning of the game, you might wonder about where the mighty sword is, but you will get it along the way while beating the obstacles in the game. Once you have it, your Fancy Pants Man will surely become a better fighter with the weapon. The hero can also kill his enemies in several ways, not just by using his weapons alone but also by jumping on their heads. A really joyous way to kill your enemies for sure.

The Fancy Pants Adventure 3 was definitely made even better and more entertaining for its players. The more you open doors with new quests, the more you get engaged on the adventure of the Fancy Pants Man. The weapons you get to collect for use on battles make the fights far more awesome. They make your life easier to beat the enemies but at the same time challenge you to make Fancy Pants Man do better in his fights. Everything is fun and awesome and fancy. Go and try to experience the game now.

Whack Your Boss

So, you’re quietly working away in your office or cubicle. It’s been a productive Monday for once and you’ve got date night dinner plans with your significant other. Things are looking up for once and looking at the clock on your desk its smooth sailing all the way to 5 o’clock …wait for it …. Yep, your boss comes around the corner, like Lumberg in “Office Space” and asks you to work two hours of OT because of something this or other. Luckily, he can’t see the steam rising from your ears because this is the 3rd time in a month he’s done this and there are other employees that do the same thing as you and could use a little OT. You bite your tongue, hunker down to get it done, but no reason you can’t play a quick game of What Your Boss to let off some steam and get a little quick and painless satisfaction without suffering the loss of wages and possible trial should you act on how you feel about him/her at the current moment.

Whack your boss is an Internet-based, online flash game developed by the creative and funny people over at Let me tell you that it is a funny, disturbing, yet quite satisfying game that has an employee in an office cubicle dreading the entrance of his boss who is berating him and his performance the entire time. A move of your mouse over several objects in the room highlights what you can use to whack your boss in the safe and anonymous environment of your computer. The animations are top notch and funny, as long as you take it for what it is, stress release. Once your virtual self has whack its way to satisfaction a click of the cleaner button at the bottom sends an actual cleaner, as in mafia or CIA, take your pick, in to clean up your mess and any trace of the deed. This resets the screen where you can choose another instrument of destruction to your stress relieving delight. Try all of them and level up for more funny stress relieving antics in virtual hilarity. There is a whole line of these games online with a whack your boss 2, whack your ex, whack your computer, doodieman voodoo, and whack the thief to name a few. Each game has its own unique and equally funny ways to relieve stress and are made by different development houses so you get different takes on the original whack your boss game. Try the clock on the back of the wall in the Whack Your Boss original for some employee tag team on the Lumberg of your choice.

This game gives you the chance to kill your employer in twenty different ways in a fantasy game. The weapons are placed in the office layout conveniently. The mission of the game is to figure out all the twenty ways to kill your boss. Each scenario leads to the violent death of your boss with blood spluttered all over the office and by pressing the reset button, follows the cleaning of the office by a cleaner who gets rid of any evidence that can incriminate you in a fictional court of law.

How to play Whack Your Boss

You can kill your boss in the game by any of the following twenty scenarios:

1. Stab him in the back of his neck using a pencil.

2. By use of Mike Tyson power and speed punch his face with your fists.

3. Beat him up with your coffee mug.

4. Hit your boss’s head with the computer monitor.

5. Hit your boss’s head with the computer keyboard.

6. Hit your boss’s head with the trash can.

7. Like a ninja throws a knife, throw the ruler at your boss’s head.

8. Hit your boss behind a wall and then use random objects to whack him.

9. Hit your boss against the coat peg.

10. Kill your boss using the wall clock.

11. Hit your boss on his head using a file cabinet.

12. Cart your boss through the rooftop after tying him up to a chair.

13. Precisely cut his throat using the pair of scissors.

14. Whack his head against the cabinet that is above your computer.

15. Stab your boss in the chest using the umbrella.

16. Kill your boss by beating him with a stapler and stapling his head with the stapler.

17. Smash your boss’s head with a briefcase.

18. Drown your boss with the water cooler.

19. Strangle your boss using the golf club.

20. Cut your boss’s stomach open using the letter open.

Tips and Tricks of playing Whack Your Boss

Continuously look for items that you will use to whack your boss. Also ensure you look for items that are potentially dangerous, like a letter opener.

King of Drift

A Little About King of Drift
King of Drift is a free flash game that can be played online. It entails car racing, with a twist: instead of simply racing to finish the race, there are points for showing your expertise in drifting. “Drifting” a car involves controlling it in such a way that it remains stable while taking a particularly tough curve of the road. To find it, a simple Google – search of the words “Play King of Drift” would suffice, and you will find it in the front page of the search results. You may want to disable some browser extensions which block the running of javascript, such as Ghostery, if you wish to enjoy this game.

The Gameplay
The magic about this flash game is that it is very easy to master. After loading the game, you click on “Play”, then select the option you prefer between taking some practices or going straight away to the game. If you choose to go through tutorials, you will immediately be allocated a race car at the starting point of the racing field. After the green light is given, you simply press the arrow keys to control the car.

The forward, left, right and backward keys steer the car to their respective directions, as it is usually conventional in racing games. The corners in King of Drift are usually very tough, and the car usually overcompensates when you cut them. However, you can be assured that you will be pleasantly surprised that by the time the tutorial is over, you will have mastered the gameplay.

Game Modes
After the tutorial, you are allowed to choose the difficulty level that you are comfortable with; so as to customize your experience when playing with it. There are three levels; Easy, Medium and Difficult. The harder the level, the more similar the experience is, to the real world of handling real cars. The great thing about this flash game is that it can be played and enjoyed by anyone who learns its simple tricks.

One of the most appealing things about King of Drift is its superior graphics. Regardless of the machine you play it with, the display is clear to the point that it is both entertaining and great for the eyesight. If you are an ardent fan of flash games, you will notice that the game is at the opposite end of the spectrum from those archaic games that were featured at the start of the decade: which we all loved, by the way. So, as you are browsing around while waiting for the traffic to clear up, why don’t you give this little game a try?

Lose the heat 3

Lose the heat 3, is an online racing game that is played free of charge. It is a browser based racing game that requires a shockwave program in your browser to function properly. The controls used in this game are very simple, and the aim of race is to lose the police or make them give up the chase hence the name ’Lose the Heat’. The player can outrun the police pursuing him by driving in urban environments and interludes in the rural roads. To make the police give up the chase, you are supposed to trigger a disaster against their cruisers which makes them to total or completely forfeit the chase.

How to Play
In the beginning of the game, you are supposed to talk to a clientele at a bar scene. The clientele will have various tasks for you, all this tasks are meant to attract the police attention. The tasks will get you involved in the race from the start up to the end.

Once you have been assigned the tasks, your car will in a cinematic scene appear just crossing the way of police cruisers. The duo police cruisers will then start pursuing your car and hence the race starts.

During the pursuit, you are supposed to follow the direction indicated by the flag icon on the compass guiding you. The compass is meant to direct you to your final destination. To know whether you are heading on the right direction, the compass direction should always be reading ’North’. If it reads east, west, south or any other direction know that you are on the wrong track.

There are several ways to evade the hot pursuit. Outrace the police; if they are too fast for you to outrace them you can then use pursuit breakers. You can take very quick turns in the most unpredictable direction which strays the police giving you time to outrace them. To trigger disasters, drive through the orange beams which will lead to destruction f the police cars or you can decide to ram into damaged police cars until they become totaled.

The last stage is to race past the end destination which has got an obstacle that the police cars can’t pass and the race is over.

Tips and Tricks
To increase the life of your car, hit the floating money as well as wrenches. This increases your bank account and the total number of hit points. The more the hit points, the more damages your car can sustain.

Feed Us 5

Looking for a great flash game you can use to pass time? Look no further! The killer piranha is back in the fifth installment of Feed Us, developed by WebCypher, and he is meaner and deadlier than ever before.You start out as a lone fish held captive in an aquarium. After escaping you are tasked climb the food chain and terrorize, kill, and annihilate everything and anything that moves. Well, other than predators such as sharks and bears which can still deal with you easily, but other than that mostly everything else is fair game.

The gameplay is based on collecting collecting liters upon liters of blood to upgrade your piranha to make him more dangerous and deadly. Between upgrading your jaws, spine, tail, fins, scales or seeds, each of these enhancements will boost your piranha’s killing potential.You are also tasked with certain objectives during the game such as sinking boats, collecting a set amount of liters of blood or reaching specific parts of the map. Most of the tasks are relatively easy, although you might hit a brick wall on some which might seem quite difficult to complete. This, along with the upgrade system keeps the game from becoming repetitive. The game is also open world, meaning that you’re never stuck in a certain stage. You can move forward and back between places at will, allowing you to go back and devour any people you’ve missed or continue exploring without the worry that you won’t be able to go back. Another thing which will help you progress is the ability to summon huge sea creatures which will effortlessly decimate any human found anywhere in its proximity.

The graphics can be described as comical and amusing to say the least. Seeing your fish leap onto its victim’s head and mercilessly devour it or bash a boat full of helpless people just gives a rather satisfying feeling. While the visual style does not seem serious, it fits the theme of the game perfectly and you’ll learn to love it even after a few minutes of playing. The sounds and the music of the game are very great as well. The sound of the piranha feasting upon defenseless people while relaxing music is playing in the background is ingenious. This, in combination with the graphic style makes for an impeccable gaming experience.Feed Us 5 is, overall, an incredibly enjoyable game. Whether you’re looking to blow off some steam after a taxing day, or just looking to relax while relentlessly slaughtering hundreds of people, the game will not fail to keep you occupied for hours on end.

Scary maze game

Scary maze game is basically a flash game which tests the hand eye coordination of the player. It is an online puzzle game that is filled with scary adventure. The main task of the player is to use his or her mouse so as to guide the ball throughout the maze. The player must be very careful not to touch any obstacles or the walls of the puzzle in order to be successful. The following is all about this game, how to play it and some tips and tricks that the player should be aware of before he or she starts to play the game.

This consists of three levels as outlined below. The first level is very easy and is designed to teach new players how to play the game successfully. In this level, the player is required to control the ball throughout the maze and ensure that there is no touching of the walls. If the walls are touched, you cannot continue and you shall have to start once again. There are some twinkling stars that are around the screen so as to distract you. This is meant to increase the difficulty of this level. When you are playing, you should try all your best not to be distracted so as to complete this level successfully.

The second level is all about the super Mario brothers. The mazes are designed such that they guide the ball through the power-up mushroom from a classic game. You should be careful not to collide or touch the sides of the maze or the evil mushroom that is walking across the top. If by any mistake you touch any of them, you will have to begin the game once again from the beginning. The last level appears a bit easy compared to the first two but actually it is the most difficult. In this maze, the main task of the player is to control the ball around the goldfish outline. However, you should avoid the smaller fish as well as the maze wall so as to be successful. In this game, there are no cheat codes since it is a quick playing game and is designed to test the hand-eye coordination and the patience of the player.

In conclusion, scary maze game is a very wonderful game to play. It involves the above basics and everything about it is mentioned above. You can just try it and surely you will enjoy it to the fullest.