Red Ball

Red Ball is a type of a puzzle game based on a simple idea. It is developed under Red ball Physics Platform Games by Evgeniy Fedoseev. The main concept about the game is to reach the flag without losing your life. Even though the game involves a simple concept, there are some parts that are a bit challenging and really get your mind running. There are 15 levels although there is no limit to time or upgrades available to collect stars or achieve good points. You have to assist the round-shaped red ball to move across all levels by passing through various obstacles in the rough land as you kill the square-shaped objects in every level. You can kill the squares by jumping onto them or else lose blood.

Red ball 4 Graphics
The video graphics of the game are average for a PC, and are nice and clear. Most kids love attractive game scenes and making the graphics more appealing will gain great attention to them.

Game Modes
The game includes three modes:

· Red Ball Volume 1

· Red Ball Volume 2

· Red Ball Volume 3

The final chapter of the game (Volume 3) is more challenging than the others. A solitary hero bounces against the forces of an angled devil. The tone is gloomy as compared to the happy atmosphere of Volume 2. It is a bit more less puzzle-y, picking to rely on quick-paced action and fast reflexes. The grim industrial environs are the ideal backdrop to introduce many new elements like bombs, lasers and giant metal presses. All these will kill you in a heartbeat, so play well!

Game Play
The game is played using the computer keyboard. You can move the red ball in all directions using the WAD keys and arrow keys for moving and jumping. Use key ’P’ for pausing the game and key ’R’ for restarting the game. Bring both the blue and red balls to end of the island. Press SPACE so as to control the second blue ball.

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