Return Man

Return Man 2 is a sequel to the original ESPN Return Man, a skill and reflex based browser game that delivers an addictive and fun American Football experience. Taking the role of a linebacker, players are given the task of catching the opposing team’s kickoff and run it through to the end zone, while avoiding defenders and the opposing kicker. Simple in theory, the fast and responsive controls of this browser game make the practice of winning a challenging and engaging game.Controls & Special Abilities With directional controls provided by the I,J,K and L keys, players must navigate to the catch zone represented by a yellow circle on the pitch to receive in time, using the locations and advancement of their teammates to tactically reach the end zone. Consisting of 15 stages, Return Man 2 offers players 4 possessions per stage, of which all must be completed successfully— losing just one of these possessions by being tackled by an opposing defender will lose the entire stage, requiring a restart.

In addition to the basic controls, as the player progresses they are able to unlock a number of special moves that make progressing through the difficult later stages easier. The Spin special move unlocked in stage two allows player to throw off approaching defenders, while the stage 4 special move, called the Afterburner Special delivers a speed burst, propelling the player beyond the reach of opposition. Finally, stage 6 unlocks the Front Flip, launching players over the top of defensive linemen.Tips & Tricks

If you’re having difficulty reaching that far-off end zone, there is a power-up booster located in the middle of the field, represented by a green and yellow lightning bolt. Use this sneaky trick to boost past slower defenders at high speed. Additionally, it’s important to take into account the inertial of your character on snowy fields, as they’ll slide around on the ice.

Ready for some sweet football? Get your helmet, put on your gear and get set for the most amazing football flash game-Return man 3! It is an awesome American football game created by the ESPN. In fact, this features as the most recent version of the game and comes well packed with rich graphics.

How to play
The mission of the game in Return man 3 is very easy: simply guide your football hero into the yellow circle in time to catch the ball. Run down the field while evading the opposing team’s defenders, ice patches and mad holes until you make it to the end line and score a winning touchdown. If you lose the ball along the way, ensure that you pick it up before the defenders get a chance to recover it. If you fail to make it to the end line with the ball, you lose a possession. If you lose too many possessions, that’s it. The game ends, you’ll have to begin from the start.

Game Controls
The player controls in this game are a bit different than the other versions released earlier. In Return Man 3, you’ve got various options to take to enjoy and make the game fun. Apart from the usual I, J, K and L directional keys and the A, S and D keys to trigger a unique move. You now have two options to select.

· The first option is to use W, A,S,D buttons to allow your football hero move forward, backwards, right and left.
· The second option is to use the down, up, left and right arrow button keys to allow your football hero move forward, backwards, right and left.

Tips to play
· The yellow marker with timer is where the ball will fall. You should always get to the spot before the marker is filled to help you catch the ball effectively.
· Make use of special moves to get pass defenders and score a touchdown.
· While you run in the field, you’ll see lightning bolt sign on the field. Pass over the sign to gain more speed and extra points.
· Make use of the three pickups: cleats, bolts and visors to boost your final score.

Return Man 4: Linebacker is the fourth installment in the Return Man series of football games and it does just what the title suggests. The American sports network ESPN produces this game dedicated to defensive play in American football. The point of the game is to keep the other team’s runner from scoring.

About the Game:
This Flash-based game puts you in the shoes of an American football player who has one job – get the man with the ball. Expect game play to get tougher as time passes. As you progress through levels in the game, the opposing player gets better. However, your linebacker also becomes faster and your teammates become more effective. The other team’s offensive players also become better at higher levels, so that sort of balances out any improvements on your own team.

It might help to be familiar with how defensive play works in American football before you begin. You don’t need to really understand the rules of the game though.

How to Play:
Avoid the guys protecting the runner and tackle the runner. That’s about it. Use the arrow keys to move your player. If you prefer regular keyboard keys for some reason, the I,J,K,and L keys do the same thing. If you want to mute the game, which isn’t particularly noisy, just hit the M key. Use the space bar to dive and tackle the runner as an alternative to running into him. The space bar also continues the game.

The game presents with the rules at the beginning. The rules are also available for reference while you play. This is a simple game that gets somewhat more challenging at higher levels.

Tips and Tricks:
You will need that diving tackle at higher levels. So, start using it as soon as possible. Simply running down the man with the ball remains an option of course. Remember to watch the offensive players who are trying to keep you away from the runner. They will make predictable efforts to block you, but they will get better as the game advances. There aren’t really tips and tricks beyond that.

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