Scary maze game

Scary maze game is basically a flash game which tests the hand eye coordination of the player. It is an online puzzle game that is filled with scary adventure. The main task of the player is to use his or her mouse so as to guide the ball throughout the maze. The player must be very careful not to touch any obstacles or the walls of the puzzle in order to be successful. The following is all about this game, how to play it and some tips and tricks that the player should be aware of before he or she starts to play the game.

This consists of three levels as outlined below. The first level is very easy and is designed to teach new players how to play the game successfully. In this level, the player is required to control the ball throughout the maze and ensure that there is no touching of the walls. If the walls are touched, you cannot continue and you shall have to start once again. There are some twinkling stars that are around the screen so as to distract you. This is meant to increase the difficulty of this level. When you are playing, you should try all your best not to be distracted so as to complete this level successfully.

The second level is all about the super Mario brothers. The mazes are designed such that they guide the ball through the power-up mushroom from a classic game. You should be careful not to collide or touch the sides of the maze or the evil mushroom that is walking across the top. If by any mistake you touch any of them, you will have to begin the game once again from the beginning. The last level appears a bit easy compared to the first two but actually it is the most difficult. In this maze, the main task of the player is to control the ball around the goldfish outline. However, you should avoid the smaller fish as well as the maze wall so as to be successful. In this game, there are no cheat codes since it is a quick playing game and is designed to test the hand-eye coordination and the patience of the player.

In conclusion, scary maze game is a very wonderful game to play. It involves the above basics and everything about it is mentioned above. You can just try it and surely you will enjoy it to the fullest.

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