Soccer Physics Game

A new comedy game from Otto Ojala who developed the Wrestle Jump and another hit, Tug the Table, soccer physics is one of the funniest football games. It involves two teams each with two players and two goals. The game is played online and the game has been rated at 8.2 out of 10 showing its popularity. You will find the comedy of the game in the absurd manner of its controls.

About the game
Soccer Physics is the newest game today that is developed by Otto Ojala. He is also the creator of Tug the Table. It is an online sports game and everyone is raving about this game. Your opponent here can be another player or even the computer. In this game, you have to beat your opponent in a soccer game. This game was rated 8.2/10 out of 19892 ratings.

How to Play
To play this game, you have to utilize 1 one 2 buttons in order to move the keeper and the kicker. You can navigate the ball by kicking, jumping, or finding other ways to place the ball at the opposite goal. You have to watch out for the beach balls. You should try your best stay at your feet in order to not score your own goal.

Tips and Tricks
In order to increase you chances of scoring, you have to familiarize yourself with controlling your player and the movements of the player. You can try to bounce the ball off the head of the opponent in order to send it to the goal. Another helpful trick is to jump on a ball so that it will hurl backward. Also, do not be afraid to kick your opponents in the head repeatedly. Never forget to defend your net so that you may win the game.

In pc, one of the keyhacks of this game is by pressing 1 in order to toggle the red team invincibility and pressing 2 to toggle blue team invincibility.

Soccer physics online game is a chaotic, hilarious and addictive game. While playing, do not be surprised if you see the ball changing in shape and even losing the player’s heads and clothing and the field turning into ice. There are different modes to choose in this game including endless mode. In here, you can have a nonstop battle and sacrifice scorekeeping. The main objective here is to score 5 goals first before your opponent.

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