Sonic game

Sonic games come with different variations or game modes which are easy to find and play. They provide a special experience different from other games. Below is a brief overview of sonic games that will guide you before playing them.

How to play- You are required to have a reliable internet connection with the latest version of Flash Nintendo Wii and sonic rush adventure to play online. With these, you will open up your browser and search for the sonic game that you would like to play. You can then decide to play with a person form your friend list. The games are played using the keyboard or play pads which are faster and easier to use.

Games modes- Sonic has started series of side-scrolling games since it 1990. Some of the common game modes include fighting, racing, 2-D platform, 3-D platform, party and puzzle games.

Tips and tricks- They mainly emphasize on how to improve speed, maximize power ups and coins collection during the entire game. A relatively high speed is good to make the level longer and easier to complete even after missing a power up. Try to collect as many coins as possible. For instance, 100 coins will give sonic an extra life, raise your score and allow you to enter special stages.

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