Stick war

Stick war is the strategy game that includes the best quality first hand action . In this game it is very crucial for you to manage your resources well which is similar to any real time strategy game. The things that sets this game apart is when you lead the defense by yourself and you have to pick and train the soilders. There are many interesting events that is unfolded in the battlefields. Thus you need to have the right stick men and men to execute the series of events. You can select among the different game plays and styles as you can slaughter the enemy archers, lead the charge up front, shoot the approaching fools down or stand behind the wall as a shields.

The game play of stick war is that in the game the players start in a land called as Inamorta which is divided into a number of nations. Every nation is a worshiper of a certain kind of method of war as God and they are dedicated for waging battles against the other nations. The leader of the nation is called as Order which worships knowledge and peace. The figures of the game is animated very well as is a well known online flash game. The graphics of stick war contains special vision as these are drawn in style which fits perfectly in the picture. To distinguish the units of stick style types from one another you can take the help of different gear. The men in the game even bleed for real when they are stuck and the motions are not loopy as the head shots can easily be distinguished. The dead bodies of the game remains in the battlefield which makes the graphics look real. You have to raise your own army of sticky archers, stick man warriors and skinny wizards so that you can start the conquering campaign .

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