The Classic Snake game

Flash games are computer played games and they are famous for their prompt startups. They are played on the internet over a web browser with both single and multi playing options. These games are portable in nature and can be played on multiple devices and operation software’s. The flash games come in many themes and genres and are great source of entertainment for regular and casual players.

Snake is also a remarkable example of flash games. The classic snake game is played all over the world with enormous interest. Its origination starts from the late 1970’s. The snake game has a classic design build on simplicity look. Players of all ages can play this game with equal interest. After immense popularity, companies like Nokia chose the classic snake games as its official game for mobile phones. This game appeals a large number of audiences.

The game plot is based on a snake that follows certain directions and grows after eating certain objects or milestones. The player controls a dot, square or an object on a bordered page. Whenever the snake moves it left behind a track of its tail. If the snake touches its own body the player chance goes down. The interesting part of the game is that after eating every milestone or objects the length of the snake increases. The skill of the player comes into play when his snake has to eat more objects without being touched by his own body, which is growing every milestone.

There are two concepts of playing the snake game. One is the two player game and other is the sole player. In a two player game there are multiple snakes on the page. Each player controls its own snake. It makes a complex scenario but it interesting in a sense that every player tries to secure his/her own snakes trial. In the single player game the individual snake has to eat objects by just touching its head on the object.

The snake game holds curiosity, excitement and temptation for the player. The player is so much involved in it that he does not even know what is happening around him. The game is not at all heavy and can be played on even slower internet connections. On Mobile phones the player uses buttons to move the snake but on computers as flash games, he can either use mouse or keyboard as per his /her convenience.

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