Tunnel Rush Game

Tunnel Rush is a throwback to all the things that were simple, minimalistic retro games that one can define to be classics. It was developed by Deer Cat company, who are an independent games studio based in the UK and also developed Danger Pants. The game was originally deployed on Android first and due to its popularity, it quickly racked up around 20 million downloads. Now Tunnel Rush is available in all mobile platforms and desktop versions as well.

 One can compare Tunnel Rush to Temple Run, where the game keeps the player on their toes from constant movement and obstacles. In a way, the game tests the player’s reflexes and enhances your hand-eye coordination movements.

As far as game screen, it is an exhilarating ride along with a churning visually trippy tunnel filled with various obstacles the players need to avoid to level up. Every player starts off with the same scenario, where you start off with a speedometer on the top right corner of the screen, which counts in meters per second, top left corner indicates distance traveled in meters and finally a progress bar on the top center with an arrow indicating how far along you’ve progressed in that level. Apart from the indicators you also have a choice to pause the game with a pause button right next to the progress bar. When paused you will be provided with three menu options buttons, play button to resume the game, restart button to start the game and home button. Also, there is an indicator when the game is paused saying its paused.

 For the gameplay, there are no fancy moves or shows, simple two key movements left or right key. This will help the player move along the “tunnel” and dodge all the obstacles on the way. Each level starts off easy and will get difficult as the level progresses. The bold retro colors accompanied by the techno soundtrack definitely will captivate the player’s attention and don’t make the player want to rage quit the game.

The Fan base for Tunnel Rush is vast (like we mentioned 20 million downloads and growing) and so are the competitions and tutorials. There are various facebook groups and memes that have emerged from this game. All this humongous growth can be attested to the simplicity and refreshing no-nonsense approach the developers have employed.

In conclusion, Tunnel Rush is an old-school indie game that captured the hearts of both young and old audiences. Remaining as one of the all-time coolest retro game that’s one for the books.

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