Unicorn Games

Unicorn Games: Fun For All Children!

An Exciting Announcement

We are excited to announce the launch of our fun new Unicorn games! Unicorns are often thought to be one of the most majestic creatures ever (real or ficitional) and in the interest of capturing some of this magic we created our latest series of Unicorn games designed to be enjoyed by children all around the world! You may be asking, “Why Unicorns?” however, and we will tell you EXACTLY why!

Why Unicorns?

We picked Unicorns to be the avatars of our superb new games because according to legends of the creatures they were faithful servants to humans whose bodies held unusual powers and breathtaking abilities. We wanted our games to feature something graceful, strong, beautiful, and very fast–Unicorns fit that goal perfectly! Plus, because in past stories Unicorns could be a wide-range of colors we knew players would love being able to customize their very own Unicorn anything from purple, to blue, to red (any color of the rainbow). Also, as sometimes Unicorns could have wings this made us excited to consider the possibility of games involving rising-up in the air, flying among the clouds, and otherwise doing fun things that would take player’s breaths away! Plus, the most notable feature of all, the horn, is perfect for our games thanks to how they symbolize magic and power, allowing it to be a visual example of just how powerful our players are in the game–after all, Unicorns of legends were treated as magicians and Gods, so we knew players would be excited to wield that kind of influence in our games! At first glance a Unicorn may look like a strange horse, but as lovers of Unicorns know, they are so much more!

High Quality Games With a Fantastic Creature

We are full of enthusiasm to to debut our Unicorn games with a wide-range of high-quality fun and tons of customization options for players. We know that Unicorns are beloved by many children, from young girls who dream of being princesses to little boys who are excited at the thought of having a Unicorn’s power to wield! We know that kids all over the world will love these Unicorn games and we can’t wait to debut them to what we are sure will be rave reviews! Once lovers of Unicorns play even one of our games they’ll adore every second of them, because between the high-quality and the magic of Unicorns, who could resist? *Note to client from writer (me): I used HTML headers to help with SEO optimization and rewrote your example text to create a fun and exciting promotional piece about your Unicorn Games that is just a bit over 400 words so as to be brisk and readable without feeling clunky or too long. I hope you like my writing and encourage you to contact me with any questions or if revisions are needed. Thanks!

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