Uno Online

Remember UNO? The card came is now available online here with us.

Uno Online includes all the features of the physical card game including draw two, the skip card, the reverse card, and the always valuable wild card. . This would be a great game to introduce to younger children who like to borrow your tablet as it introduces them to matching colors and numbers while also learning some critical thinking as the game requires strategy. Uno Online provides a challenging game that helps your child’s mind grow and does so in an entertaining format that will have them wanting to play more than once. The website is family friendly and appropriate for all ages.

Whether you are looking to recapture your childhood or are still a child yourself, Uno Online is great way to play the classic card game

Uno Online is free to play and on your visit to the website you will first be prompted to choose the number of players that will be participating in the game. You can choose 2, 3 or 4 players with the computer A.I. controlling your opposition. There is a speaker box icon in the upper right hand corner of the display that can be turned on or muted. When the speaker box is enabled, the game features background music as well as sound effects such as cards shuffling  I played a two player game initially and found the software very smooth and the interface to be very easy to use. Of course I forgot, to announce that I had just one card remaining resulting in a two card penalty.

One benefit to playing Uno Online is you don’t have to deal with “home” rules like you might have had to at your friends house back in the day.

Fortunately, I was able to battle back and get the win over my computer generated opponent. After the game is over, you are given a score for your round that goes above and beyond a simple win and loss. Even if you are great at the game, you can always seek to improve your game score, so you will never get bored with Uno Online.  Once the game is over you can either go back to the home screen by clicking on the home icon or hitting refresh icon to play the same game over again. Uno Online provides hours of fun for all ages and it gets a strong recommendation from the author.

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