Whack Your Boss

So, you’re quietly working away in your office or cubicle. It’s been a productive Monday for once and you’ve got date night dinner plans with your significant other. Things are looking up for once and looking at the clock on your desk its smooth sailing all the way to 5 o’clock …wait for it …. Yep, your boss comes around the corner, like Lumberg in “Office Space” and asks you to work two hours of OT because of something this or other. Luckily, he can’t see the steam rising from your ears because this is the 3rd time in a month he’s done this and there are other employees that do the same thing as you and could use a little OT. You bite your tongue, hunker down to get it done, but no reason you can’t play a quick game of What Your Boss to let off some steam and get a little quick and painless satisfaction without suffering the loss of wages and possible trial should you act on how you feel about him/her at the current moment.

Whack your boss is an Internet-based, online flash game developed by the creative and funny people over at doodie.com. Let me tell you that it is a funny, disturbing, yet quite satisfying game that has an employee in an office cubicle dreading the entrance of his boss who is berating him and his performance the entire time. A move of your mouse over several objects in the room highlights what you can use to whack your boss in the safe and anonymous environment of your computer. The animations are top notch and funny, as long as you take it for what it is, stress release. Once your virtual self has whack its way to satisfaction a click of the cleaner button at the bottom sends an actual cleaner, as in mafia or CIA, take your pick, in to clean up your mess and any trace of the deed. This resets the screen where you can choose another instrument of destruction to your stress relieving delight. Try all of them and level up for more funny stress relieving antics in virtual hilarity. There is a whole line of these games online with a whack your boss 2, whack your ex, whack your computer, doodieman voodoo, and whack the thief to name a few. Each game has its own unique and equally funny ways to relieve stress and are made by different development houses so you get different takes on the original whack your boss game. Try the clock on the back of the wall in the Whack Your Boss original for some employee tag team on the Lumberg of your choice.

This game gives you the chance to kill your employer in twenty different ways in a fantasy game. The weapons are placed in the office layout conveniently. The mission of the game is to figure out all the twenty ways to kill your boss. Each scenario leads to the violent death of your boss with blood spluttered all over the office and by pressing the reset button, follows the cleaning of the office by a cleaner who gets rid of any evidence that can incriminate you in a fictional court of law.

How to play Whack Your Boss

You can kill your boss in the game by any of the following twenty scenarios:

1. Stab him in the back of his neck using a pencil.

2. By use of Mike Tyson power and speed punch his face with your fists.

3. Beat him up with your coffee mug.

4. Hit your boss’s head with the computer monitor.

5. Hit your boss’s head with the computer keyboard.

6. Hit your boss’s head with the trash can.

7. Like a ninja throws a knife, throw the ruler at your boss’s head.

8. Hit your boss behind a wall and then use random objects to whack him.

9. Hit your boss against the coat peg.

10. Kill your boss using the wall clock.

11. Hit your boss on his head using a file cabinet.

12. Cart your boss through the rooftop after tying him up to a chair.

13. Precisely cut his throat using the pair of scissors.

14. Whack his head against the cabinet that is above your computer.

15. Stab your boss in the chest using the umbrella.

16. Kill your boss by beating him with a stapler and stapling his head with the stapler.

17. Smash your boss’s head with a briefcase.

18. Drown your boss with the water cooler.

19. Strangle your boss using the golf club.

20. Cut your boss’s stomach open using the letter open.

Tips and Tricks of playing Whack Your Boss

Continuously look for items that you will use to whack your boss. Also ensure you look for items that are potentially dangerous, like a letter opener.

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