Whacking the thief

The game is all about “whacking the thief” by weapons of your choice. The opening of the game, the player is intuitively playing his video game when a thief breaks in. At this point of the game, the animation stops and gives you time to choose any household item you want the player to use to kill the thief. You can do this by hovering your mouse over the object. The objects become red when you hover over it and hence is easy to identify and choose one of them. That’s when the first round is done and the actual game begins. After choosing the weapon, the player kills the thief using it.
The scenario restarts with the same animation. Now you are free to choose a weapon again. There is a completion counter on the left bottom corner of the screen where you can see the number of weapons you have identified. And the game point is to identify all of them and use them to kill the thief. The trick to identifying all the weapons is to carefully look through all the objects in the scene even the smaller ones. You can also use the mouse to hover over all of the screens to highlight them. Finding everything without the hint doesn’t seem so hard after all!

The specialty of the game is that no two weapons kill the thief in the same way and they are not even remotely the same. That is fair enough! Each weapon has its own unique animation and there are totally ten ways to kill the thief. The game is a flash game in gray, white and red and the sound effects are so good that you can actually hear the player bashing the head of the thief so clearly in your head. The game contains violent animations and hence there is a warning at the beginning of the game.

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